Editing the Book and Prepping the Podcast

Hi everyone,

The book has made it through the first round of readers and a development edit. That’s a fancy way of saying I have a lot of work to do to prepare the book for publication.  I’m digging in now, a few hours a day, and will have the next draft in about a month.

My head has been spinning with all the book titles we’ve considered. Given the sheer volume of possibilities, I can guarantee we have considered all the options!

The Baby Crazy Podcast Is Coming

In the meantime — a podcast is on the way. I’m interviewing experts in parenting  — authors, moms, and dads — about what it’s like to be a parent over forty with a young child. It’s been fun and the interviews have been really entertaining and informative. Soon I’ll be asking for some feedback about your experiences being a parent. There will be a call in line you can use to record your thoughts. As long as you don’t swear or anything 🙂 I will play your recorded comments on the show.

One way I am going to ask for comments is to post prompts like this one.

Have a listen, and comment!