This is What I Like to Do Now

This is Bodhi, writing a blog. I have been away from this for a while, but I’ve been busy working on the events of my third year, and coming up fast on my fourth birthday. These are the things that I like to do now.

I like to kiss and hug mom. I like to play. I like to build. I like to build everything in the whole wide world. Right now I am working on a train for making the Tartar sauce. This morning I made a Tartar sauce making machine. That machine put the Tartar sauce into the pipes and then right into people’s mouths. I like eating Tartar sauce with fish.

I like to play with dogs. I like to play with cats. I like to see pictures on coasters. I like to set out coasters like I’m doing right now, to look at. I like to make a design like I’m doing.

I like orange juice. We will make some fresh-squeezed orange juice today. I am going to make some pictures for this blog now and my daddy is going to scan them in so you can see them.

Below, you will see Fig 1. This is an image of a horse that I did in school.  My teacher, Natalie, drew the grass.


Fig. 1 A Horse
Fig. 1 A Horse

This is a picture of a train that I drew with my dad’s help.  I told him that if you take an 8 and turn it on its side, it turns into infinity.  I am interested in numbers.

Fig 2. A train with numbers.
Fig 2. A train with numbers.


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