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I love to read, and I love my parents to read books to me. Here are some reviews of my favorite books right now.

I Love Trucks

From the cheery optimism of its opening line, ‘Trucks, trucks, trucks, I like trucks!’ to its insightful character arc and shocking plot twist at the end, ‘Trucks, trucks, trucks, I love trucks,’ (italics added),  I can only describe this book as wheely, wheely good.  Not only can I not put it down (because it is stuck to my hands with apricot jam) but I have also literally devoured it. My copy has been repaired with tape, but it shows its history of repeated readings and chewing. No other book has as compelling a collection of trailer trucks, tow trucks and trucks that sweep the street.  There is also a haunting appearance of a clown riding a white horse, which will require a graduate degree in English to interpret. Since that is a few years off for me, I will content myself with the book’s charm, its relentless focus on trucks, and its deep understanding of trucks in all possible contexts.

If you seek an introduction to trucks and are anticipating forming a deep love for trucks and related vehicles, this is your book. You will never think of skid steers in the same way again.

Goodnight Moon

Originally conceived as propaganda by a desperate parent needing a story simplistic enough to lull her child into a stupor, and I believe used avidly now by Putin as a brainwashing tool, I admit that I enjoyed Goodnight Moon’s  linear approach at first: (‘Good night kittens, good night socks’ and all that). But it quickly loses its way like a truck without GPS. Telling ‘nobody’ good night is nonsense, and the story is completely lacking in trucks. You can have your parents read it all the way through to you a thousand times, and there will be no trucks in it, which is a ripoff.

The Little Red Hen

This tale of a hen defying all odds to make a loaf of bread lacks emotional punch because there is no truck character, and therefore, utterly fails.  I still like reading it, though, because I think of all bread as pizza, and I like pizza.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
I question the ‘very’ in the title. Would it not be more concise if it were simply The Hungry Caterpillar? The one good thing about this book is that it has introduced me to many different kinds of food my parents will never let me have, like chocolate cake and sausage. There are no trucks, but the contraband foods make it a guilty pleasure.  Worth reading 10 or 20  times (as opposed to I Love Trucks which deserves a thousand readings, and even then you are just scratching the surface of its haunting, eternal story. Still trying to figure out why there is a clown on a white horse in this book.)
Who Will Tuck Me In Tonight?

This is an interesting story about a mother who abandons her child at bedtime, assigning first a pig, then a chicken and, I think, a beached whale to put her child to bed in her absence. It doesn’t go well. The mother finally returns, smelling of a barn (well, she is a sheep) and cheap beer. Her child forgives her in this touching testament to parental irresponsibility and her child’s wisdom to let it go and just move on. Where is the father in this story? He’s probably in worse shape than the mother.

There’s a movie version in the works with Julia Roberts as the mother and Emma Watson as the sheep daughter. There will be a lot of good acting involved, because Emma Watson will have to play younger than she is, and she will be a sheep.  If they can get Alec Baldwin as the absent father I think that would be good, or Adam Sandler, but then this would become just another Adam Sandler movie, and I would never see it.

Listening Time
Basically this book hasn’t got a leg, or a tire, to stand on, as it’s a riff on teaching children to be quiet when a story is being read to them. For some reason I love it and make my parents read it almost as often as I make them sing the Wheels on the Bus song.
Slide and Find Trucks

This is an interactive book that lets you slide a door and reveal a truck, learn about the colors of trucks, and about who drives trucks. It is absolutely fascinating. Do not read it just before bedtime, however, as your mind will be spinning with the different possibilities of trucks, their colors, and their drivers, and your daddy will have to come in, change your diaper because he doesn’t know what else to do, tell you to be quiet, and bump into the door on his way out because it is 3:15 in the morning.

Good luck with your own reading! If you can’t find a book about trucks, let me know. I have lots of them.

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