It’s Happy Day, so I am Watching a Screen

They tell me that it’s Happy Day today and we all should be dancing. You can see somebody behind me dancing in the video. But I want to call your attention to something else. There is a rectangle in front of me, just out of the frame, with a man on it, and he is singing. If anybody can explain this to me, other than saying it is some kind of weird magic, I would appreciate it.

I just realized that the person dancing around me is my mom, and she is busting some of her best moves and even diving in for some closeups, but apparently she hasn’t heard that this is the age of screens, and that is what we all should be paying attention to, even on Happy Day, and even when your own mommy is putting on quite a show. If anybody says the video goes on a little too long, I would take issue with that. If I were just able to watch it for a little longer I would get to the bottom of how and why that man is in the rectangle.