I’m just a dad, but I feel like I’m a roadie backstage at a big Stones concert.

No, that’s not big enough. Like a roadie setting up the audio gear at the Beatles reunion concert that never happened, with Steve Jobs getting ready to introduce them, and seeing them all chatting and laughing together backstage. No, not significant enough. Like being in the audience when a nervous, 18-year old Miles Davis got up on stage to play with Charlie Parker, or when John Coltrane played Chasin’ the Trane at Newport. No, forget it. Those examples lack gravitas.

We have been running around buying diapers, renting cribs, asking cab companies if they can handle a car seat. We have been preparing for the event of the year. Baby’s first road trip.

Having been around this way before, I know what it’s like to walk into a room and be invisible. Sure, I might have been carrying the most weight (stroller, diaper bag, suitcases) but all eyes are on the lightest-weight person in the room – the baby.

Sure, babies are interesting, particularly if they live on the other side of the country and do rockstar tours only so often. During this limited engagement our kid is booked solid. Tickets are sold out. They are scalping them at the door for like a thousand bucks. You wouldn’t believe the preparation we’ve been doing. New clothes. Socks, because babies in California do not wear them but people will tell us we are stupid if he is not wearing them in New York. Hats that actually fit him. An extra plane to follow us, just to carry the extra diapers.

But here’s where I ask you for your opinion.  Cast your vote below for who you think will provide the most entertainment value? Who would you rather have a beer (or a bottle of milk) with?

Here are some examples to help you make an informed choice. First, the baby hanging around on a blanket, doing nothing.

Then the baby’s mommy, a talented singer, writer, coach and womens’ empowerment professional.

And finally, the daddy, participating in a panel about social action and architecture.

Review the examples above and consider carefully who you think really provides the most entertainment value. Enter your vote above. Voting results are available instantly.

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  1. Bodhi sure knows his name! and body language in real time is way more intriguing than actual words, not that we can hear his wonderful parents…


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