gripe water for everyone

Have you heard of Gripe Water?  It is intended for babies, but it should be handed out at political conventions and board meetings.  It is a transparent fluid suspension of sodium, ginger and fennel.  It is administered by dropper but I am going to ask if it is available by the keg.

Gripe Water has turned things around for us. Remember the gas crisis of 1974? We are having our own right now. Mother’s milk comes from a mother – no surprise there. What you put into the mother comes out in the milk. So far, so good. But here’s the 2×4 to the side of the head (conceptually speaking). You put garlic in mommy’s food, the baby has a gas crisis that is way worse than what happened in 1974. We have made great sacrifices for the baby around here, and now I have made the greatest of all.  No, not becoming celibate. Giving up cooking with garlic. Kid can’t handle it. Tragedy.

Some of you may email me and say if you scrape the residue off the claw of a live raccoon and use that to cook with, it will taste just like garlic. I know it won’t be the same, though. We will just have to wait until the breastfeeding is over until I can cook proper Thai or Italian.

The rest of this blog (if I decide to show it to you) devolves into sentence fragments, because I’ve only had a few hours of sleep over the past week, due to the gas crisis. The forward motion we’ve experienced (such as sometimes almost sleeping through the night) is deceptive. There is little forward motion at this stage, I think, mostly spirals. This thing is running as smoothly as a snowmobile on a dirt road. When the babysitter can’t make it, we run that thing right into a ditch. Well, that’s enough of that. Here’s an album of attractive pictures to take everyone’s mind off this.

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